Monday, 31 January 2011

Bright Young Things.

I didn't do a Friday I'm in Love! Sorry, I have been a busy bee, work, essay, boyfriend. So to make up for it I want to send you over to Youthquakers which is a fantastic blog full of Vogue magazines from the 70s. Wonderful, especially great to take inspiration from this season as the 70s will be in. And to be super cool this Summer check out how they did (also very s/s2011) colour blocking and chunky heels back then.

I would be more than happy with any of those shoes. If you know of any similar ones let me know and I might just love you forever. x


  1. First of all I don't know your shoe size but...


    Secondly this might be a tad corny but I have given you the

    Stylish Blogger Award

    click it if you want to read about the award and pass it on. If not thats cool.

  2. Oh, too sweet! I will be passing it on tonight when I have time to sit down and decide which lucky bloggers I will pass it on to!
    And lovely as those shoes are, too big.... :(