Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday, I'm In Love

Pretty much the prettiest thing I have watched this week - July Stars "Paris"

White Tea. Its so good. My favourites are Clipper White Tea with Vanilla and Whittard's Cherry Blossom White Tea.

Painted buildings. I think my dream house would be colourful on the outside. These ones are on Portobello Road.

Got the equivalent to a 2:1 in my first uni project, apparently I have sophisticated technical skills. Who knew? Hurrah.

Selfridges by Me!


  1. hii this is ema .parisian from the kr. you do window dressing? tell me about your job pls?

  2. I study Visual Merchandising at uni so I am aiming towards doing windows yeah, but I don't do it yet. :( Next term we are doing an installation in a store but we aren't sure where yet.