Monday, 31 January 2011

Hopping Mad.

You know how you always forget to carry your reusable shopping bag on you for impromptu shopping? (It can't just be me, I am drowning in a sea of plastic bags despite having plenty of the reusable ones). I have seen the fold up ones which are perfect for keeping in your handbag but I dunno, I have just never really wanted one of those, until now.
The consistently bonkers Irregular Choice have come up with a great one which folds into the shape of a bright, shiny bunny. Oh yes I want this.And you can clip it to your handbag ready at a moments notice. Too cute, too cute.

I also love these super bright wedges but I can't even afford them at their sale price. Somebody buy them and let me be happy in the knowledge that they are being well loved.

It's a Fruit Pastille lolly for the feet. Only less sticky.

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