Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday, I'm in Love.

I have this massive folder on my computer named Nice Things. So I have decided, every Friday I am going to show you these nice things. And maybe other good stuff I want to share that week. I don't have credits and sources for most of these files so i am sorry, but if anyone does know where I originally have this stuff from please let me know and I will happily credit accordingly. Here goes....

I know its Chanel. I think its a cruise collection. Not sure what year.

  • I had a leaflet slid under the door for 123 Bethnal Green Road's Vintage Sale. Fill a bag for £10 or £20? Sounds pretty good to me after my Vintage Kilo Sale finds. I am pretty sure it won't be true vintage but still...It did start on the 8th though. Will all the good stuff be gone?
Actually after looking at the Facebook page maybe I will be happy with the shop regardless.

  • Scalpture - For the best hair inspiration. Always

  • Being in the Visit stage of  a long distance relationship. If my posting is infrequent for a while, this is why.


  1. hey lovely! I really loved the chanel resort 2011 too! the really dark eyes are fantastic and the whole boardwalk vibe is genius. If you haven't seen the whole collection I thought i'd give you this link so you can enjoy the whole thing :)

  2. Ah, I am going to say thats where I probably got the pics. It usually is! It is the 2010 resort collection and so, so beautiful...

  3. oh yes, i love my nice things folder :) such a comfort. how was the vintage shop, find anything good? do tell! x

  4. No, it was a let down. Overpriced and a bit rubbish. :(